7,950,000 VNĐ 6,300,000 VNĐ

– Khóa điện tử Samsung SHS-H635

– Xuất sứ: Hàn Quốc

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Màu Sắc:


Số User tối đa:

1 Mã chủ, 100 mã số, 30 thẻ từ

Cách mở khóa:

Đăng ký được 1 mã số chủ, 30 thẻ RF.

Cấu tạo:

Hợp Kim

Thích hợp:

căn hộ cao cấp, nhà phố, biệt thự

Kích thước:


Sử dụng PIN:

DC 6V (8 viên Pin AA Alkaline)

Thời lượng PIN:

Xấp xỉ 12 tháng (Trung bình 10 lần/ngày

Mua ngay Gọi điện xác nhận và giao hàng tận nơi


A globally-renowned design,
winner of the coveted Red Dot Design award.
SMART Doorlock

Red Dot Design award of Germany
We have received the Red Dot Design award,
one of the most authoritative design awards in the world,
for our door lock.

Aesthetic Design
THe slim and simple design adds style to the interior while
enhancing the quailty of the home from the entrance.

You dont't need to open and close the cover,
or worry about wearing of the numbers.

Sensuous blue backlighting for dark hallways and entry/exit at night.

Before you enter your password, you are guided to push two random numbers to prevent the password from being inferred based on the fingerprints on the frequently pushed numbers and from being seen by anyone nearby

No harmful
The door lock is manufactured in compliance with EU RoHS, which limits the contents of six harmful substances, including lead, cadmium and mercury. No harmful substance is contained in the product to be touched everyday by you and your family.

Away mode for long-term leave
If you go out frequently or leave the home for a long time, you can simply push the Home button to activate the Away mode.

Silent Mode 
If you have a little child or often enter/exit your home late at night, you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone or the door opening melody for your family or neighborhood.

Battery Dead Alarm   
If the batteries are running low, the door lock informs you through a specific melody or keypad LED. You can easily replace the batteries without having to check the battery life.

Prank  Warning
If you pull the door forcefully or enter an incorrect password more than five times consecutively, the door lock sounds a warning and disables key authentication for three minutes to help prevent trespassing. 

Abnormal High Temperature Warning
If an abnormally high temperature is sensed inside the home, a light on the interior side of the door lock flickers showing you the emergency exit. The door lock automatically opens for swift evacuation.

Emergency power supply
If you fail to replace the batteries before they are fully discharged, you can still open the door with a 9V battery on the instant battery charging terminal.

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